Hello, please call me Arifa 🙂

I am an illustrator and currently an art student based in Jakarta, Indonesia. My works are influenced by magical world, fairy tales, and old places. I work mainly in watercolour, acrylic, and gouache.

I also love to write, read books, and really passionate about travelling. My biggest dream is to explore this beautiful earth and become the citizen of the world. I hope to visit Cappadocia, Socotra, and Japan soon.

Outside, my face would show you a tough, ruthless kind of woman but inside i am just a shy-awkward introvert. So, do not hesitate to greet me if you happen to see me on street or somewhere someday 🙂

I love to get to know more about new people and have a random conversation with them. Just in case you want to have one or just interested about my artworks, you can contact me further. Just let me know, I would be really glad!